Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

You spend the majority of your time indoors, no matter if it’s the winter or the summer. We don’t always consider how healthy or clean the air inside our homes or business are. If you have a home with small children, older people, or maybe someone with breathing or health problems, keeping an eye on indoor air quality is very important. Even in office buildings, when indoor air quality is improved, sicknesses are reduced and energy is increased. Making the indoors a more pleasant place to be!

The most basic and common product to improve indoor air quality is a filter. Filters are put into your HVAC system and will catch dirt, debris, and other air pathogens that may be moving through the system. There are different sizes of filters and grades to show how much they actually catch irritants that move throughout the system. These filters should be changed every few months. Debris build up on them, which can make them ineffective. Many people forget to change them or wait way too long. Keeping on top of this is very important, especially if this filter is your only means of improving the air quality.

Air purifiers are becoming more popular when it comes to indoor air quality. There are some that can help purify a room, and others that are installed right into your HVAC system. These are a little more expensive than a simple filter, because they do a lot more. Air purification systems today use technology that allows scrubbing particles to be dispersed throughout the air and attack the dirt, allergens, and etc. that are floating in the air. Some of these systems even use the same technology NASA does to make this happen!

Improving indoor air quality is easy, and becoming more and more important with all the research and knowledge we have today. If you haven’t changed your filter in a while, change it! If you are looking for a little more when it comes to clean air inside your home call Kool AC today at #225.328.1141


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