Fun Facts Friday!

Fun Facts Friday!

Facts About Heating & Cooling’s History

Heating and cooling may not seem like a Fun Friday topic for conversation. Let us dive into some of the history and you may come across something interesting that you didn’t know before. After you take a look at this Fridays Fun Facts, you may have a whole new appreciation for both of these systems. Most of us are use to having the comforts of a heater in the winter or that wonderful AC cooling you during one of our long Louisiana summers, right? We tend to overlook the effort and time it took to get them the way they are today. Both of them have made an impact on the world and continue to everyday. After finding out some of these FUN FACTS you may feel thankful, as times before modern heating and cooling weren’t so easy.

  • Modern air conditioning helped pave the way for the increase in our human life expectancy. It is because of the modern air conditioning that we seen an advances in medical technology and new medicines were able to be created.
  • The Romans were the first to use a heating system. This heating system was called a hypocaust. It sent heat through the floors and walls of the homes of rich the Romans.
  • Willis Carrier came up with the idea for the air conditioner while working at a publishing company. The heat was causing the paper to wrinkle and ink to run.
  • Air conditioning in the U.S. uses the same amount of energy as it takes to power the whole continent of Africa, and that’s just air conditioning alone for the U.S. With such high energy use, it’s no wonder why owners need HVAC maintenance!
  • Raised ceilings and porches use to be the common thing, before air conditioning was invented. These allowed homes and buildings to remain cool all thanks to that nice airflow. 
  • Air conditioning played a very large role in the invention of computer technology.
  • The first automobile brand to have air conditioning units installed into its cars was the Packard Motor Car Company.
  • Children were given summer vacation from school because of the lack of air conditioning. Even once air conditioning came about, schools decided to keep this going, YAY for summer breaks! Back in those good ole days, businesses would even shut down for two months. Don’t worry, here at KOOL AC we will be working all summer long. TGIF!
It’s just to HOT! “No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks”

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